Journalists under attack by the Palestinian Authorities

The PA are attacking journalists and whoever is in their way and protesting against the killing of a Palestinian activist. Nizar Banat, a 43-year-old activist from Hebron known for social media videos denouncing alleged corruption within the PA, died on Thursday after security forces stormed his house and violently arrested him. Many more journalists are … Continue reading Journalists under attack by the Palestinian Authorities

Palestinians to demolish their homes

The IMEU and The Middle East Eye report on Silwan, Palestine, where many Palestinians have been ordered to demolish their homes, or get out of their homes for the Zionist terrorists to move in within the next 24h. In a video, you can see the terror many children face: 1500 Palestinians, from which are over … Continue reading Palestinians to demolish their homes

The Devil’s Conference – Allama Iqbal

The Devil's Conference Allama Iqbal IBLIS (THE DEVIL) : This ancient game of elements, this base world!The frustration of the longings of the great Empyrean’s dwellers. Upon its destruction is bent to‐day that Fashioner of things,Who gave it the name, “The world of Be it so.” I inspired in the European the dream of Imperialism:I … Continue reading The Devil’s Conference – Allama Iqbal

Normalization between Zionists and Palestinians

If you don't know what is meant by normalization between Zionists and Palestinians, here's some info: The term 'normalization', or also known as Arab–Israeli normalization, is referring to treaties and 'peace' efforts between the Arab League and Israel, ending the Arab–Israeli conflict. It started in 1970s and was never solved. Reality If I ask you … Continue reading Normalization between Zionists and Palestinians